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Water Wellness

We all need clean water for basic survival. Even though most people don’t drink as much water every day as they should, water is still the main ingredient in most of what they do drink, including sodas, prepared coffee beverages, fruit juices and more.

Bottom line: you need to filter your own water – whether it’s for drinking, cooking or bathing. If you don't, you're taking in unwanted pollutants, chemicals, and trace pharmaceuticals every day. Take a look at Nikken's solutions.

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Even better than physical exercise, what you eat day to day has a major impact on the quality of your mental and physical health -- and wellness!

Good nutritionals are getting harder to come by as a result of the questionable quality of the water, air, and soil used to produce them. But Nikken has produced a wide selection of health-improving nutritionals that have stood the test of time!

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Skin Care

What you apply to your skin makes a world of difference in your overall health and longevity. Nikken's True Elements products are certified organic, derived from marine plant sources, and well-balanced with the skin's natural pH and oils.

With all types of cancer on the rise, it's essential to start looking at the literally thousands of synthetic chemicals commonly used in household and skincare products, including such common things as bathroom cleaners and sunscreen.

Nikken understands the need for all-natural products when it comes to your health.

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Magnetic Technology

Electricity and magnetism are two manifestations of a single force, which coincidentally are vital to the healthy functioning of your body.

The human body is under the influence of the Earth's magnetic field and maintains a balanced relationship with it. However, under modern-day living conditions, the effect of this magnetic field has decreased or altered.

Nikken offers a wide array of products to help you set that straight.

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Sleep Wellness

The benefits of a good night's rest just can't be understated. Adequate sleep is vital to the overall healthy functioning of the body.

Nikken has brought together a unique set of technologies and materials intended to make your surroundings more naturally conducive to healthy, restful sleep.

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Nikken Consultant ID:856972800