Chiropractor at Work
Muscle Testing

Used during intake evaluations

Muscle testing, also known as kinesiology, is a was of "testing" whether or not something is going to be beneficial to you and your body or harmful.

There are many explanations as to how and why this type of "testing" works and is accurate; suffice it to say that seeing is believing, get yourself muscle tested.

The process of "testing" is fairly simple and basic: have subject being tested stand or be seated comfortably, have subject remove items from their pockets such as cell phone or other electronic devices, have subject raise their arms in front of them, parallel to the ground, palms facing down. Person administering test then pushes down on subject's arms with moderate pressure to gauge a strength level without electronic devices on their person. Subject then places cell phone or electronic device in their pocket and returns their arms to the outward position, parallel to the ground, "tester" again pushes down on subject's arms with same pressure as before; subject's resistance will be significantly less the more harmful the electronic device. This can be done with just about anything from foods to crystals and always produces a definite result.