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Ditch the Microwave!

I know many people who rely on a microwave oven at work to heat up their lunches. I tell

Many modern conveniences carry a hefty price when it comes to your health.

them that toaster ovens are far superior for this purpose and often less expensive. They take longer, but a little advance planning cures that problem completely.

Microwaving is the worst way to prepare foods because it uses radiation to heat things from the inside out, causing near total molecular decomposition of everything in the food that might be good for you, such as phytonutrients and natural vitamins.

All of the healthy elements of real food – carotenoids, antioxidants, anthocyanins, enzymes – are easily destroyed by heat and especially by microwave energy.

Microwaved food is not only “dead” right down to the molecular level, it is actually gutted of everything but empty calories, fiber and minerals. Quite honestly, microwave oven manufacturers know this and don’t care. However, you may have heard that “steaming” your veggies in the microwave is a quick healthy alternative. Steaming veggies on the stove is a healthy option. Steaming them in a microwave is still destroying them at the cellular level. It will never be healthy.

What may be deceptive about microwaves is that the food still looks as it should – on the outside, usually. But if you could see what it looks like under a powerful microscope, you’d never eat microwaved anything again. Not even water. It’s a ravaged mess, like the aftermath of nuclear devastation.

Furthermore, consider this: it’s not so much the bulk of food that your body needs – although it does need physical constituents. What your body needs most is the energy of the plant or animal that you’re consuming. The very existence of “kosher” food handling recognizes this fact.

Energetically, microwaved food is chaotic, insane, and dead, When you eat that food, its energy imprint becomes part of your energy imprint. Think about that. Would you rather your personal energy resembled that of a healthy, vibrant tree or that of a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Both of these images are very close to the truth of the matter.

To stay healthy, to age well, to remain cancer- and disease-free, you need both the nutrients and the energy of whole, organic, raw or lightly cooked natural foods. These should make up at least 75% of your overall daily diet.

Please, ditch the microwave! And if you love your friends and family, encourage them to do the same.

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