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DIY: Toothpaste

Know what you're putting in your mouth. Seriously.

Most commercial toothpastes are largely chemical cocktails with toxic fluoride added. Fluoride in particular is known to actually decrease intelligence, dull the mind and make people more docile. There is absolutely no reason to consume it in any form.

While there are a handful of non-fluoride toothpastes available for sale, it’s really not that hard to make a healthy and much more effective toothpaste for yourself at home. You only need a few ingredients. The toothpaste can be kept in a small covered dish next to your sink. Try one of these variations to get started:

3 Tbsp virgin cold-pressed coconut oil

15 drops peppermint essential oil

10 drops on guard essential oil

5 drops melaleuca essential oil

1 drop oregano essential oil

Melt the coconut oil in a small pan over low heat. Once the oil is melted, remove it from the heat and carefully stir in the essential oils. If using a pan, pour the blend into a small container (glass is best) and let it cool to harden.

This recipe works just as well and includes baking soda:

3 Tablespoons virgin cold-pressed coconut oil

4 Tablespoons baking soda

2 drops grapefruit seed extract

8-12 drops therapeutic grade organic essential oil of your choice (peppermint is good)

Stevia - to sweeten to your taste

Prepare this the same as the first recipe. The choice of essential oils is really one or preference. Stevia is completely optional, in case you feel that some “sweet” is necessary.

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