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Causes of Depression

First, a warning: Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications are bad news. If you’re

There's no one cause for depression.

taking one of these, it probably “takes the edge off” or helps you feel more mellow. That’s primarily what I’ve heard from my own clients.

Second, some truth: Belief is the key to all healing. If you believe that something works, then it probably will, for you. This is, in fact, the whole foundation of placebo-controlled testing. Doctors have no idea what this really means because they have no understanding of how what you believe controls every aspect of your life experience.

If you’re feeling depressed, the only question to ask is, why? Answer this and you can heal it.

Consider these eight essential contributing factors to feelings of depression:

1. Toxic Food: This one is most likely. Processed food, junk food, fast food, fried foods, sweetened desserts. Pretty much anything sugary or anything that comes in a labeled box, can or bottle is unbelievably bad for you. If you’re eating this primarily, every day, you’re going to be depressed at some point. These fake foods mess with every element of your physical and emotional being. Stop eating them.

2. Heavy Metal Toxicity: Lead, mercury and cadmium can be a cause of depression because they interfere with cognitive function. Incidentally, flu and other shots (“vaccines”) typically contain mercury, which is one of the most toxic substances known to man. Why? See the section on Vaccines to learn more.

3. Avoidance of Natural Settings: Nine out of 10 people report feeling better when they are out in nature. It’s worth it to make opportunities to be among trees, plants, or animals. Being disconnected from nature is profoundly unhealthy. Being out in nature is profoundly healthy.

4. Re-Playing Negativity: We all had dysfunctional childhoods, to one degree or another. We learned to tolerate certain negative emotional situations over which we had little or no control. Now that we’re older and know how to deal with these things, we don’t. We just let them play out over and over, every time an emotional trigger is pulled. Try the Tapping Method (EFT).

5. Keepin’ Up With the Joneses: Advertisers figured out decades ago how to get us to want stuff. Virtually all advertising is directed solely to getting us to want stuff, promising happiness and fulfillment. Doesn’t work. The more we have, the happier we should be. (Right?) Be we aren’t, and that’s depressing. The average person is way too stuff-dependent. Problem is, no matter how much you love your stuff, it’s not capable of loving you back. And that’s depressing, too. Break this cycle and save your money. Stuff will never bring you happiness.

6. Physical Inactivity: Everyone has to walk to the car, or the train, or the bus. But that just isn’t what physical activity is all about. You need to really move your body. Believe it or not, physical exercise reduces or prevents anxiety and depression. Moving energetically is what the body is made to do, and it makes you feel good to do it. Not doing it is depressing.

7. Negative Emotions, Trapped Inside: Hurt, sadness or grief comes to everyone. If you express these feelings, cry a little, talk to someone, you let go of them. This is healthy. Holding on to them is not healthy because it blocks energetic centers in and around our body. Letting emotions flow through and out of you is natural. Holding them static and dwelling on them negatively affects every level of your being and saps your energy. Let the bad stuff go.

8. Antidepressants are Somebody’s Cash Cow: Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture antidepressants make hundreds of millions of dollars every year from them. And they tell to keep taking them, year after year. It’s in their interest to promote them, and what better way than to convince as many people as possible that they’re depressed – and that antidepressants will make life better. The unfortunate truth is that these “medications” are extraordinarily dangerous. “But so many people take them,” you say. Yes, and they’re extraordinarily dangerous.

Independent researchers have established a firm link between antidepressants and mass shootings. (In fact, every mass shooting in the last decade or more.) Even the FDA says that antidepressants can cause suicidal or homicidal thoughts and behavior, increased depression, panic attacks, hostility and aggression, insomnia, psychotic episodes and violence. Other side effects include abnormal bleeding, heart attack, seizures or sudden death. Nice, huh?

If you feel depressed – for any of the above reasons – then consider that reason the cause of your depressed feelings and balance it out. Eat better food, preferably that you’ve prepared yourself from natural ingredients. Get outdoors; walk, breathe, get plenty of sunlight (with no sunscreen). Bake a turkey. Get some valerian capsules. Cut back on or eliminate sugary foods or drinks, including alcohol. Talk to someone about your feelings, especially if it’s someone you care about and trust. Don’t allow negative emotions to overwhelm you; literally tell them to go away. You might be surprised at how useful and effective this can be.

Finally, understand that everyone gets depressed now and then. It’s not a big deal. Depression is a passing thing. Teach yourself to get through it and it will soon be gone. That’s normal. Start taking pills, though, and you might turn a temporary downturn into a permanent nightmare. Is that what you really want?

I think you deserve so much better than that. You’re alive, you’re wonderful, and there are people who love you. You know who they are. Go talk to them.

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