Holiday Doldrums

January is the month for what I have come to refer to as the Holiday Doldrums. It's a time of decompression from the holiday season and getting back to 'normal' habits and lifestyles.


Our bodies are not used to all of the rich foods, drinks and snacks that are center stage during the holiday celebrations. All of the sugar, alcohol and stress take a toll on our bodies, minds and ultimately our spirits. Detoxing is a natural process that the body is always working at; the less aware we are of this and the less we do to help our bodies the more we suffer from our holiday splurging.

Are you aware that white, refined sugar is as addictive as heroin??! It's a fact and one that has concerned me ever since I became aware of it! Do you know what heroin withdrawals look like: nausea, abdominal pain, sweating, shaking, nervous tension, agitation, depression, muscle spasms, cravings for more drugs, in this case white refined sugar! How about alcohol withdrawal symptoms: anxiety, shaky hands, headaches, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, sweating - these are the less severe results of alcohol withdrawals! Confusion, racing heart, high blood pressure, fever and heavy sweating also may be experienced as we leave the 2020 holidays behind!


All of this and so much more are having multiple effects on our bodies, minds and ultimately our spirit. It can be overwhelming and confusing and can cause some people to shut down completely. We are not taught to recognize these symptoms for what they truly are and that is creating too many misunderstood messages from our bodies.


Flush it all out!! Water, water, water....! Clean, alkaline (7.2 pH is ideal) is one of the best things we can do to help our bodies repair and rebalance our systems. Fresh, green, leafy veggies juiced, are an amazing tonic for the body and contain the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that have been lost or diminished over the holiday season. Exercise is also a good way to assist the body with detoxification; movement, sweating and cardiovascular activities all support the detoxification processes.


Downtime, rest, meditation and being gentle with yourself are all very important support tools as well when feeling bodily distress. Re-center your mind and intentions in order to get back to "good habits" and on the right track to feeling better and supporting the natural processes of the body. Little by little we find our balance, but it requires us to listen to our bodies and take the proper actions.


A food journal is a great way to get insight into your body's likes, dislikes and needs. Write down what you eat and drink THEN, 30 minutes to one hour later write down how you FEEL, physically, mentally and emotionally. This tool can reveal a lot to you about you and your body - take the time to do what you need to do for you and be patient.


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