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Is Information Bringing You Down?

Our exposure to media is higher than it’s ever been, and a huge number of Americans are feeling overwhelmed by it.

Let’s face it: the news media – aka the “nightly news” – has become a 24-hour-a-day fear fest. We noticed this very clearly during the 2020 novel coronavirus scare and lockdowns. Now there’s a new story forming about monkeypox, and it’s starting to look very familiar.

The question of the day is – how do you feel when you consume this kind of information?

· Stressed?

· Anxious?

· Nervous?

· Concerned?

These are very unhealthy and unconstructive emotions. Caring for yourself includes addressing your consumption of information.

We sometimes need to take in this sort of news in order to feel like we’re in touch with current events. However, the mainstream media (MSM) shoots this stuff at us non-stop. (They literally never stop.) And that’s way too much for us to take in and still maintain our good health.

Bad news affects our mental body, our emotional body (the MSM are experts at this), and our physical body. What’s worse, unresolved emotional feelings often settle into the physical body over time, causing problems that are hard to track back to their cause.

Social media is not much better. Facebook, Twitter, and the others are often politicized these days. Individual posts are sometimes designed to trigger people. The issues presented are usually polarized – right vs. left, liberal vs. conservative, Christian vs. anything else, etc.

These kinds of posts lure us into “choosing sides,” instead of focusing us on all the things that bring us together as humans. In fact, when “choosing sides” is most of what we see in media, it can become difficult to see our commonalities at all.

None of this is good for us.

The good news is that you don’t have to get sucked into it. You can make the choice to limit what you consume when it comes to media.

For instance, I haven’t watched the “nightly news” or any other MSM news in years. Not even through the pandemic. I don’t even have cable TV anymore. I don’t get constant brainwashing through advertising, television series (which typically represent a minority bias), all of the “talking heads” programming, or even constant previews of shows I would never choose to watch. Honestly, I haven’t missed any of it.

I check into Facebook to catch recent posts by people I’m in contact with, and then I log off.

I do the same on Twitter, but I especially don’t read all the bot-comments from the haters who have become ubiquitous on that platform.

I’m sure you’ve heard that you don’t need to stay in contact with “toxic” people or remain in an abusive relationship. But what about our relationship with news and information?

Consider taking your first steps toward a healthier, more balanced, YOU by drastically limiting your exposure to information. Most of it is irrelevant to your daily life. The lion’s share of it is specifically designed not to inform you but to manipulate your emotions in order to control your choices.

The reporting of unbiased facts is news. The constant stream of opinion, innuendo, and mind control that we see these days, however, is something else altogether. You can do without it.

Also, with so many streaming services now available, you can actually dispense with cable or satellite TV and only watch what you choose to on a streaming service – without any advertising at all. (Advertising, by definition, is brainwashing.)

Set yourself free from news and mainstream entertainment. Your mind will be clearer, you may even sleep better at night, and your stress and anxiety will almost certainly be reduced.

In other words, you will be that much healthier.

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