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The Energy Drink Hype

Red Bull. 5-Hour Energy. Monster. Rockstar. Amp.

Consider the risks -- and the ingredients -- before you pop open another can

Energy drinks have become a staple of the American diet since the 1990s. If you believe the advertising, they’re all designed to increase energy, sharpen concentration and improve athletic performance

Don’t believe the advertising. The fact that there are HUGE marketing dollars behind these products should be a red flag.

Increased Energy

The main active ingredient in most energy drinks is caffeine – anywhere from 50mg to a whopping 505mg per can. While most caffeine is natural, it can raise blood pressure, disrupt sleeping habits, aggravate psychiatric conditions, induce reliance, and even lead to arrhythmia, seizure and death.

Then there are “natural herbs” like ginseng. Energy drink manufacturers don’t list sourcing information. You don’t know where the ginseng was grown, what kind of water was used, if it was sprayed with toxic pesticides, or even if it’s non-GMO.

Adding to your body’s toxic load will absolutely not increase your energy reserves.

Sharpen Concentration

Caffeine can do this, sure. But a 2010 National Health Review Survey found that one in three adults had an energy drink in the past week, 21% had more than one in a week, and 11% had more than three.

Some people are in the habit of drinking two, three or more of these per day.

Since most energy drinks are high in processed sugar or (worse!) artificial sweeteners, the combination of sugar and caffeine is deadly for sleep patterns. Not to mention healthy blood composition.

These drinks give you an artificial rush, from which you quickly crash. This is a very poor definition of better concentration.

Improve Athletic Performance

Several double-blind, randomized studies have concluded recently that energy drinks offer zero enhancement to athletic performance of any kind.

Basically, everything that those HUGE marketing dollars is telling you about energy drinks is lies.

Yes, that’s perfectly legal in the U.S.

Truly “Natural” Energy is OK

If you’re feeling a need for energy drinks, then something about your body is out of whack.

For most people, the main culprit leading to low energy is what we call “fake food.” Processed food, fast food, convenience food…

When you give your body something that looks like food, smells like food, tastes like food – but isn’t food – meaning it doesn’t feed your body, then low energy is inevitable. It’s also the least of your concerns. A host of disease states will be just around the corner.

That’s why we recommend organic foods – meaning they’re not sprayed with toxic pesticides or other chemicals. Also whole foods, as opposed to the processed remnants of questionable food products.

No Energy Drinks for Me?

There are a few alternatives out there that will actually help you get past the low-energy

Check out the "Helpful Products by Nikken" tab to try something healthier.

slumps – while you’re changing to a healthier, balanced diet of organic whole foods.

One of them is Kenzen Ten4.

It’s 100% certified organic, made principally from matcha green tea and kiwi (a superfruit). Matcha green tea naturally contains caffeine, but in this case your caffeine is coming from a whole-food source. Your body easily recognizes what to do with it.

Same with vitamins B6 and B12, which are essential to critical body functions. Most people are seriously deficient in both of these vitamins.

The matcha tea also contains natural antioxidants. These compounds scrounge the body for free radicals, repair damage down to the cellular level, slow the aging process and also help maintain healthy cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Kiwi is a much more alkaline fruit than others – which lessens the burden on your body to alkalize everything you eat or drink and helps protect your bones. Plus, kiwi has a low glycemic index. This means it won’t give you that sugar-high-then-crash effect.

What Ten4 Doesn’t do

Unlike all the best-selling energy drinks on the market, Kenzen Ten4 has no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives; it won’t damage your teeth over time; it’s free of gluten, lactose, wheat and dairy; and it’s GMO-free. All of its ingredients are natural and organic.

Add a powder stick to your PiMag water and you get two things: natural energy and natural healing.

That’s what we’re all about.

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