Time to get your stretch on!

Updated: Jan 20

When it comes to feeling better, stretching is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to get what you need to give you that little 'umpff' you may need at any time in a busy day! It doesn't have to be complex or planned out, just some 'movement and breathing' with the intention to 'open-up'; i.e., stretching; moving into resistance without pushing into pain. Breathe. Breathe again. One more time, breathe.

Move your body around, extend and retract your arms, move your legs, twist your body - gently, always gently, and with intention and awareness. Feel your movements and how they affect the rest of your body, feel how it is all connected. Take your time, explore different movements and breathe with all of those movements as you get to know your body again. Movement encourages blood flow and increases immune response, and that is always a good thing! Breathing deeply oxygenates the blood and helps to balance our body, mind and spirit.

It only takes a moment, and it is so rewarding when you allow yourself that time to reconnect and rebalance.

Have a beautiful day!


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