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Watch Your Gut

A flat belly is one of the signs of good health. Why?

Abdominal fat today is most often a result processed foods. Eat better to look better!

Let me tell you a very short story…

Until just a few decades ago, nearly everyone had a flat belly. Hard to believe? It’s true.

These days, however, it’s a different world. Obesity is becoming the norm. Kind of reminds me of the cruise ship guests in the Disney film, WALL-E.

So what changed?

In a word: Food.

Back when nearly everyone had flat bellies, food was organic, raised at home, canned and stored in season, and nearly everything was truly “natural.” Today, the word “natural” is basically a marketing gimmick and means very little. Genetically modified “foods” and literally tens of thousands of man-made chemicals make up most of what the average person eats on a daily basis.

There’s a HUGE difference between something that smells good and tastes good and actual food. Real food gives the body what it needs to stay healthy. What most people eat does not fit this most basic definition.

These “frankenfoods” and chemicals build up in the human system over time and cause all kinds of dysfunction – diabetes, liver toxicity, blood pressure issues, heart problems, unhealthy skin, and the slippery slide into obesity.

The short, but difficult, answer to these problems is simply to change your food habits. Stop going for the convenient, processed, prepared stuff and start consuming actual, real food. Organic vegetables, fresh fruits, that kind of thing. Unfortunately, there’s no simpler way to be healthy and live long.

Pills won’t do it. Protein shakes and snack bars won’t do it. There are no easy fixes. Real food is the only way.

Just like all those people decades ago who ate well and looked good.

Change your eating habits and improve your health. Look better, feel better, BE better.

And when you make that choice for yourself, sometimes a good detox is in order. This gives your body a chance to rid itself of built-up toxins so that it can make use of the real food you’re going to be giving it.

Western medicine hates detoxes and says all kinds of condescending things about them. This is because Western medicine makes literally a ton of money every year “treating” people with toxic overload. Sadly, their treatments don’t really work – but detoxes and a healthy diet will help the body heal itself from virtually everything.

You can see why the medical establishment bad-mouths what’s good for you. You’re one less paying customer in their sickcare line. Right?

Here’s a stomach cleanse to get you started once you stop eating at the trough of processed foods. It will “feed” your stomach, your bloodstream, your liver, your brain and all your internal organs. It’s a good thing.

Stomach Detox

1 red onion*

2 whole cloves of garlic*

1 whole bunch of celery*

1 whole bunch of parsley*

5 liters filtered water

(and 42 lemons)

*all fresh and organic (very important!)

To prepare: Place the onion, garlic, celery, parsley and water in a pot and boil for 20 minutes. (Set a timer so you don’t over-do it.) Remove from heat and allow the water to cool, about half an hour. Strain water through a cheesecloth; discard plants. Store the water in air-tight glass containers and refrigerate.

To use: In an 8-oz. glass, juice 2 whole lemons, then fill the glass the rest of the way with the filtered water. Stir. Drink one glass a day for 21 days, preferably in the morning before eating or drinking anything else. Wait at least 45 minutes before consuming other food or drink.

A quick note on detoxes of all sorts – if your body reacts negatively at first, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You see, when you’ve literally being poisoning yourself for years, and then your body gets hold of something that it can use to start healing you, it will begin to purge all the bad stuff. This may take the form of nausea (even throwing up), headache, muscle aches, fatigue, etc. This could last 1-3 days.

Continue the detox (obviously it’s working) and drink plenty of good, filtered water. Get your rest. Watch comedies. Relax. Your body is working hard to get you better.

Resist the impulse to pursue over-the-counter medications or a doctor visit (what most people do; remember, most people are sick. This is a primary reason why). Use common sense. Avoid anything with wheat in it and eat real food.

And by the way, one of side effects of being healthy is that you’ll develop a flat belly!

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