Neck and Shoulder Massage

30, 60 or 90-minute bodywork

A half-hour is the smallest functional of work that will allow us to help you. Recommended for minor issues or follow-up visits.

An hour is the most frequent unit of work we perform. A full hour allows us to address specific issues to produce noticeable results. Depending on the issues to be addressed, we may recommend a one-hour sessions anywhere from twice a week to once a month.

Self Care

Yoga Class for all Ages

Stretching & Diet

There are many things you can do for yourself in between therapy sessions. Stretching is one thing we frequently recommend.  Targeted stretching will help problem areas by helping them to become stronger and more flexible and by ensuring your body does not develop further issues in the future.

Food is fuel and will make all the difference when you make healthy choices. Learn how to feed your body and maintain your overall wellness.

Guided Help

Physical Therapy

Holistic Health


We offer a Holistic Heath Coaching program customized for your needs and goals. We help you find your wellness path by supporting your own personal growth as you become more educated about your body's needs.

Learn how to listen to your body and respond accordingly. We help you understand how you can develop a healthier relationship with food and exercise.

Head Massage
Back Massage
Nutritionist Cooking
Stones of Meaning

Service Options



Your Body Needs

Holistic Health

Life can be challenging and we want to help individuals like yourself to overcome those challenges and live a more fulfilling life! One step at a time we work with you to identify your strengths and empower you to confront your weaknesses! Balance is what we seek.

Energy Work

$1 per minute

60 Minutes        $60

90 Minutes        $90

Cash discount $20*

*Only available on 60 & 90 minute appointments.

Essential Oils


Schedule a class!

112 El Vista

Suite 6

Modesto, Ca.. 95354

$25* Seat Reservation

*Take home your creations

$1 per minute

60 Minutes        $60

90 Minutes        $90

Cash discount $20*

*Only available on 60 & 90 minute appointments.