30- or 60-minute bodywork

A half-hour is the smallest functional of work that will allow us to help you. Recommended for minor issues or follow-up visits.

An hour is the most frequentt unit of work we perform. A full hour allows us to address specific issues to produce noticeable resutls. Depending on the issues ot be addressed, we may recommend a one-hour sessions anywhere from twice a week to once a month.


Stretching Recommendations

There are many things you can do for yourself in between therapy sessions. Stretching is one thing we frequently recommend.

Targeted stretching will help problem areas by helping them to become stronger and more flexible and by ensuring your body does not develop further issues in the future.

Guided Help

Nutrition and Holistic Health Coaching

You might be amazed to learn how much food & drink affect your physical and emotional health.

With Nutrition Coaching, we help you to identify the conections between your food & drink intake and your overall state of being. We also help you to make healthier choices about the things you choose to bring into your kitchen or pick up during the day.

With Holistic Health Coaching, we get a snapshot of your overall physical condition and make recommendations for detox, supplementation, lifestyle choices, decision-making, stress reduction, relationship management, and more. We help you take your total being into account in a way that allows you to care for yourself in a much healthier way, for life.

Presented by Choku-Rei Wellness & Coaching -- Modesto, CA

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