We Help Balance Your Whole Being

Myofascial Bodywork & Stretching

Our principal specialty is myofascial bodywork. This is a type of hands-on work involving both the muscles and the connective tissue to remove restrictions and other conditions that can cause  pain or limitation.

The bodywork is gentle, slow, and very effective. Nearly all clients notice immediate improvement. We recommend allowing one hour at a time for this work.

Depending on what kind of issues we discover (everybody is different), we will also recommend specific physical stretches that you can do on your own time to improve your overall physical condition. We will also employ complimentary modalities like Trigger Point work, accupressure or traction to help your body find balance and comfort from chronic pain or injury.

We'll keep working with you as long as you like -- until you feel truly well!


In addition to the physical work, we have found that it is extremely helpful to talk about what's bothering you. There is an amazing correlation between physical complaints and mental/emotional/spiritual complaints. If we can help you make those connections, then your health and well-being really will be in your own hands.

Often, we can make recommendations regarding your nutritional intake, your work/life balance, and the things that worry you as well as the things that bring you joy. All of life is about balance, and it's so easy to lose that without even noticing. Life shouldn't beat you up -- it should be something that you truly enjoy from day to day.

We're not talking about psychotherapy here. Just an opportunity to have educated conversations with a certified Holistic Health Practitioner who can help you achieve the best version of you!

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